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By Vladislav Bermuda
You already have resources that you can earn money from
Stop planning to open new businesses, change the type of activity, new training, to earn more.

Why this difficult path? In the MONETIZATOR community, you will learn how to earn more from the resources you already have.

And if you already know how to monetize what you have, but you don't have time for it, then you will meet those who will be happy to do this task.

You'll get Powerful results

Create additional sources of income
Useful connections with people you are interested in
Increase the profit from your main activity
Gifts worth $ 750
Your brain will literally boil, you will start thinking differently and look at the business in a different way
Low-cost technologies for attracting customers

Monetization of the resource and creation of additional sources of income

Ways to stimulate «word of mouth» for sales growth

Tools for increasing demand by creating added value

Creating a WOW effect in promotions

Cross-marketing chains, brand collaborations, joint promotions
Community Monthly activities:
3 unique creative business ideas that will help you start thinking differently and earn extra profit
2 live masterminds online with the participation of famous speakers and experts (only for VIP and Business)
1 webinar (2 hours) with business reviews of community members
Internal networking, brainstorming sessions
Business environment and networking
Live chat with questions and answers, expert support
Bonuses and gifts worth 750$
Get them for a subscription
2 ideas for your business from a cross-marketer consultant.

Setting up targeted ads.

Education at the Vladislav Bermuda School “Cross-marketing and growth hacking “(the "Light" package).

Use of widgets that increase the conversion rate on the site, from Envy Box.

Legal support.

Astrological business advice.

150$ for the international educational platform

Promo version of the book "XX creative cases in a million" by V. Bermuda.

10% discount on all education products from Vladislav Bermuda.
Gift Certificate Purchase
Gift Certificate Purchase
Gift Certificate Activation
Gift Certificate MONETIZATOR888 - a printed or electronic card, a certificate certifying
the right of its bearer to choose and receive any gift from the range presented on the
website, in the section "Bonuses and Gifts".
The bearer of a Gift Certificate can only be an individual who receives a service or product
exclusively for personal needs or needs related to the implementation of entrepreneurial
The Gift Certificate is activated online at (active link in the
"Bonuses and Gifts" section).
The validity period of the MONETIZATOR888 gift certificate is 3 months from the date of
its receipt or purchase. The moment of activation is the action on the site by specifying
the certificate number and the name of the bonus / gift, which is listed in the
corresponding section. Upon expiration of the Gift Certificate, the service becomes
invalid, the money paid for it will not be returned.
Gift Certificates apply to the following services:
01. 2 ideas for your business from a cross-marketing consultant.
02. Setting up targeted advertising.
03. Education at Vladislav Bermuda's school “Cross Marketing and growth
hacking” (“Light” package).
04. Using widgets to increase conversion on the site from Envy Box.
05. Legal support (consultation 0.5 hour).
06. Astrological business consultation.
07.10,000 rubles. to the international educational platform Studyon.Guru.
08. Promotional version of the book "XX Creative Cases for a Million" V. Bermuda.
09. 10% discount on all educational products in V. Bermuda.
Handling and settlement of the Gift Certificate:
The Gift Certificate is used when receiving the service only once, regardless of the terms
of the promotion and its purchase;
If the price of the selected service (s) is lower than the face value of the Gift Certificate,
the difference is not paid in cash;
If the price of the selected service (s) is higher than the face value of the Gift Certificate,
the bearer does not pay the missing amount;
Summation of the denominations of several Gift Certificates is allowed;
The Gift Certificate is not exchangeable and non-refundable - the money paid for it will
not be returned;
The Gift Certificate is the property of the issuing company and is not returned after use;
The Gift Certificate is valid for the bearer - in case of loss, it is not blocked or restored.
A Gift Certificate can be paid for by credit card, in cash, or received as a promo at online
or offline events, as a bonus, additional motivation, as a gift from partners.
Upon activation of the Gift Certificate and specifying the corresponding bonus or gift
number, the validity of the certificate is considered completed.
The Gift Certificate can be used the same day after purchase.
Exchange for another service from the available list is possible only within 24 hours after
the activation of the Gift Certificate.
By purchasing or receiving a Gift Certificate, you agree to these rules.
The issuing company reserves the right to change these rules without further notice.
The principle of monetization of your resource within communities


We will teach you how to build brand collaborations for revenue growth
You will find out:

● How to make money on your resources: customer base,
employee skills, your own expertise,
contacts from your address book, etc.

● How a business can get customers without the cost of marketing and advertising through brand collaboration.

● How to create a wow effect and a desire
and sell without spending extra money.

● How to make a decent living without even having your own business. and much more.
We will introduce you to people
who are ready for interaction
Saving time with efficient community
You will get:

● Valuable connections with people
ready to interact with you and will know how.

● Tools and mechanics for monetizing
resources and launch join promotions.
Join the “MONETIZATOR" community, it will be the starting point of your life with new financial opportunities
Who is this community for?

Absolutely anyone has a resource, sometimes without even knowing it. But be sure there is alaways someone who can see potential in you from aside and will help to Monetize your resource

The right «connection» is the most valuable resource

Agreements and Contracts with the right people that is what brings you money
Once you meet the right person, your life changes to "before” and "after".

99% of speakers and coaches just say " Change your environment”, but no one says how to do it.

The community will actually allow you to create a new environment and monetize it.
On-line space «MONETIZATOR»
● Group discussion with Vladislav Bermuda

● Mastermind with Vladimir Efremov
Старт 15 августа
● 2 master classes per month from status experts on the topic of the month

● Monthly group analysis from Vladislav Bermuda (for your individual questions)

● Monthly mastermind from Vladimir Efremov

● Chat for communicating with the club's residents and experts

● Assistance in creating partnerships and collaborations within the club (cross-marketing table with resident data)

● "Roasting business" in cross-marketing

● Networking-meetings of club residents

● Interviews with residents and active exchange of experience (successful actions)


● Book by Vladislav Bermuda for 8,000 rubles "88 creative ideas per million" or " 20 creative cases per million»

● Vladislav Bermuda's Cross-marketing course

● Vladimir Efremov Sales Course

● 2 ideas for your business from a crossmarketologist
1 Year / 499$
● Everything that is included
in the BUSINESS and MASTER plan

● Individual work with Vladislav Bermuda (30 min per month consultation)

● Individual work with Vladimir Efremov (30 min per month consultation)

● Monthly review and recording of your goals and results


● Collection of books by Vladislav Bermuda (4 books)

● Cross-marketing course

● A story about your business in Storys Instagram by Vladislav Bermuda

● Access to events-meetings offline (1-2 times a year)

● Recording of Vladimir Efremov's sales marathon "Fast and Furious sales»

● Record the course " accuracy»

A preliminary interview with Vladislav is required
1 Year / 3 999$
● Everything that is included in the BUSINESS plan

● Monthly VIP-analysis from Vladislav Bermuda on your specific questions and business situations (in a mini-group)

● VIP chat and live chat curation

● Buddy (partner) within the group


● 2 books by Vladislav Bermuda

● Vladislav Bermuda's Cross-marketing course

● Vladimir Efremov Sales Course

● 2 ideas for your business from a crossmarketologist
1 Year / 1 490$
One-time entrance ticket to the event with a money-back guarantee if you don't like it
Master group with Vladislav Bermuda, tracker-Vladimir Efremov
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In 2019 alone, more than 300 consultations were held for various companies, 25 of them have a turnover of more than 1,000,000,000 rubles, more than 150 master classes in 9 countries: Italy, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Russia.
The creator of the community is Vladislav Bermuda
Leading expert on cross-marketing in Russia, consultant, writer.
One of the TOP 10 most popular speakers in the field of marketing in Russia
Over the past 2 years, more than 300 master classes were held, which were attended by more than 35,000 people.

Co-founder of the free air travel service "Fly for Free".

Author of the books "88 creative ideas per million", "25 creative ideas per million" and " XX creative cases per million”, which have been read by more than 20,000 entrepreneurs and marketing professionals.

The creator of the international educational resource "STUDYON" with video courses of experts from four countries. Winner of the “Best Startup for an Investor – 2016 " award.

Founder of the school of cross-marketing, where more than 750 businessmen and marketers study.

Honorary member of the European Association of Higher School Teachers "HISTES".

Winner of a number of business awards and awards for his contribution to entrepreneurship, including "Young Millionaire" in 2014 according to the authoritative publication "Business Petersburg", the title "StartUp Batyr" in St. Petersburg.

Some of the clients are: "Mail group", "Tatspirtprom", "TOP GUN", restaurant chain "Maison - dellos", "Kotex", PJSC "Energomashbank", "Cordiant", crowdinvesting platform "Simex", "Grass", "Surskaya mebel" and others.
Help entrepreneurs look at business differently, expand the boundaries of perception and give more effective (often creative) and strong solutions that do not require a budget, while leading to explosive growth of customers and profits.
Vladislav's Mission
Join the community to get creative ideas and be in the same energy field with active and purposeful people
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1. General provisions
This personal data processing policy is compiled in accordance with the requirements of Federal Law No. 152-FZ of 27.07.2006 "On Personal Data" and defines the procedure for processing personal data and measures to ensure the security of personal data taken by monetizator. club (hereinafter referred to as the Operator).
1.1. The Operator sets as its most important goal and condition for the implementation of its activities the observance of the rights and freedoms of a person and a citizen in the processing of their personal data, including the protection of the rights to privacy, personal and family secrets.
1.2. This Operator's policy regarding the processing of personal data (hereinafter referred to as the Policy) applies to all information that the Operator may receive about visitors to the website
2. Basic concepts used in the Policy
2.1. Automated processing of personal data – processing of personal data using computer technology;
2.2. Blocking of personal data – temporary termination of the processing of personal data (except in cases where the processing is necessary to clarify personal data);
2.3. Website – a set of graphic and informational materials, as well as computer programs and databases that ensure their availability on the Internet at a network address;
2.4. Personal data information system — a set of personal data contained in databases, and information technologies and technical means that ensure their processing;
2.5. Depersonalization of personal data — actions as a result of which it is impossible to determine, without the use of additional information, the identity of personal data to a specific User or other subject of personal data;
2.6. Processing of personal data – any action (operation) or a set of actions (operations) performed with or without the use of automation tools with personal data, including the collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (update, change), extraction, use, transfer (distribution, provision, access), depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction of personal data;
2.7. Operator – a state body, a municipal body, a legal entity or an individual who independently or jointly with other persons organizes and (or) performs the processing of personal data, as well as determines the purposes of processing personal data, the composition of personal data to be processed, actions (operations) performed with personal data;
2.8. Personal data – any information related directly or indirectly to a specific or identifiable User of the website;
2.9. User – any visitor to the website
2.10. Provision of personal data – actions aimed at disclosure of personal data to a certain person or a certain circle of persons;
2.11. Dissemination of personal data – any actions aimed at disclosing personal data to an indefinite circle of persons (transfer of personal data) or at familiarizing an unlimited number of persons with personal data, including the publication of personal data in the mass media, posting in information and telecommunications networks, or providing access to personal data in any other way;
2.12. Cross-border transfer of personal data – transfer of personal data to the territory of a foreign state to the authority of a foreign state, a foreign individual or a foreign legal entity;
2.13. Destruction of personal data – any actions as a result of which personal data is permanently destroyed with the impossibility of further restoration of the content of personal data in the personal data information system and (or) the material carriers of personal data are destroyed.
3. The Operator may process the following personal data of the User
3.1. Last name, first name, patronymic;
3.2. Email address;
3.3. Phone numbers;
3.4. Also on site is the collection and processing of anonymous data about visitors (including cookies) using Internet statistics (Yandex Metric and Google Analytics and others).
3.5. The above data hereinafter Policy United by the General concept of Personal data.
4. Purposes of personal data processing
4.1. The purpose of processing the User's personal data is to inform the User by sending e-mails; to conclude, execute and terminate civil contracts.
4.2. The Operator also has the right to send notifications to the User about new products and services, special offers and various events. The User can always refuse to receive information messages by sending an email to the Operator at the email address marked "Opt-out of notifications about new products and services and special offers".
4.3. Depersonalized User data collected through Internet statistics services is used to collect information about User actions on the site, improve the quality of the site and its content.
5. Legal grounds for processing personal data
5.1. The Operator processes the User's personal data only if they are filled in and / or sent by the User independently through special forms located on the website By filling out the appropriate forms and / or sending your personal data to the Operator, the User agrees to this Policy.
5.2. The Operator processes depersonalized data about the User if this is allowed in the User's browser settings (the saving of cookies and the use of JavaScript technology is enabled).
6. The procedure for collecting, storing, transmitting and other types of processing of personal data
The security of personal data processed by the Operator is ensured by implementing the legal, organizational and technical measures necessary to fully comply with the requirements of the current legislation in the field of personal data protection.
6.1. The Operator ensures the safety of personal data and takes all possible measures to exclude access to personal data of unauthorized persons.
6.2. The User's personal Data will never, under any circumstances, be transferred to third parties, except in cases related to the implementation of current legislation.
6.3. In the event of inaccuracies in the personal data, the User can update them independently by sending a notification to the Operator at the Operator's e-mail address marked "Updating of personal data".
6.4. The term of processing of personal data is unlimited. The User can withdraw his consent to the processing of personal data at any time by sending a notification to the Operator via e-mail to the Operator's e-mail address marked "Withdrawal of consent to the processing of personal data".
7. Cross-border transfer of personal data
7.1. The Operator, prior to the start of the cross-border transfer of personal data, is obliged to make sure that the foreign state to which the transfer of personal data is supposed to be carried out provides reliable protection of the rights of personal data subjects.
7.2. Cross-border transfer of personal data on the territory of foreign states that do not meet the above requirements may be carried out only if the personal data subject has written consent to the cross-border transfer of his personal data and/or the performance of the contract to which the personal data subject is a party.
8. Final provisions
8.1. The User can get any explanations on the questions of interest concerning the processing of his personal data by contacting the Operator via e-mail
8.2. This document will reflect any changes to the Operator's personal data processing policy. The policy is valid indefinitely until it is replaced with a new version.

Offer and agreement for access to the online community "Monetizator"
The first online community to monetize its own resource "Monetizator" proposes to conclude an agreement on the terms of the offer:
1. Clients - individuals
2. Subject - access to the On-line community "Monetizator"
3. The contract is considered concluded for an indefinite period from the moment of acceptance of the offer - full payment for the service.
4. The "Monetizator" has the right to change the offer and the contract. Changes take effect 5 days after publication on the website
5. The cost, program and formats of participation are in the annex to the offer, at https://, as well as in personal offers from the company's manager within the cost indicated on the website.
6. Clients pay for access to the On-line community "Monetizator" by bank transfer, via Internet acquiring.
7. On-line community "Monetizator" and clients do not sign acts. Payment confirms the acceptance and quality of services.
8. On-line community "Monetizator" grants customers the right to access all the described resources on the site and does not grant other rights.
8. The pre-trial procedure for resolving disputes is mandatory. The jurisdiction of disputes is the Moscow Arbitration Court.
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